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Sweet candies are nice

Sweet candies are nice to eat Sweet words are easy to say but, sweet ppl are hard to find OH MY GOD! how did u find me

JaisA kaRo gE wAisa bhAro gE

wo soye hoye the….

Aik din wo hamare ghar aaye…

hum soye hoye the…


”JaisA kaRo gE wAisa bhAro gE..”

Ghazab Ka Nakhra Ajeeb Yeh Style Hai

Ghazab Ka Nakhra Ajeeb Yeh Style Hai
Sms Nahi Kartey Or Kehtay Ho
Mere Pass Mobile Hai
Bey-Sharmi Ki Had To Dekho
Yeh Parh K B Aap K Chehray Par SMILE Hai.


Who told HER to try ALL OF THEM

For a GIRL Who says,”All BOYS are the same”
should be asked;

Who told HER to try ALL OF THEM!!:-P

Lets play a GAME

Lets play a GAME,
Its very interesting,
Bhootni k Kuch Kaam Kar Le.
Har Waqt Mobile Mai Ghusa Rehta Hai…

Santa was drawing money from ATM.

Santa was drawing money from ATM.
Banta, who was just behind him in
the line said: I’ve seen ur password. It’s ****.
Sant: U r wrong. It’s 1394.

Teacher ne 1 bache ki Mother ko likha

Teacher ne 1 bache ki Mother ko likha

Teacher ne 1 bache ki Mother ko likha k bache ko Nehla k School bheja karen,

Mother ne Note Parhne k baad likha k

bache ko Parhaya Karen,

Sunga Na Karen.;-

Chand to Tum Ho………..

Chand to Tum Ho………..

Kash tumhare chere pe chicken-pox ke daag hote,
chand to tum ho hi,
sitaray bhi saath hote!!

Mere Dost

Mere Dost

Mere dost tanhai me na waqt bitaya karo,
Kabhi kabhi mehfilon me bhi aaya karo,

Kiya hua jo toot gaye hen samney k 4 dant,
Phir bhi moun khol ker muskuraya karo..

Hai tu agar mera dilbar

Hai tu agar mera dilbar

Hai tu agar mera dilbar,
Hai tu agar mera dilbar,
To aaj ke lunch ka bill tu bhar

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